We provide housekeeping services for corporate office, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complex by latest methods and well-trained housekeeping technical persons for a pleasant working environment.

Just imagine that you haven’t outsourced housekeeping now that occupy your chart of tasks responsibilities. Now that housekeeping is an indispensable activity that one cannot ignore but again not at the cost of the main aims of the organization it calls for an expert owning up the problem who is not belonging to the team thus taking the burden off the shoulders of the main business of your establishment. It saves your energy on planning, manning and troubleshooting as these would be the key responsibilities of the outfit owning up the task in your premises to maintain it.

House Keeping services is maintained with all cleaning & sanitizing consumable material like hand wash soap, phenyl, urinal cubes, room spray, Glass cleaner, brasso & silvo polishing liquid, soap oil cleaning powder, Brooms, Cleaning cloths, mop stick, cotton waste, mop cloth, glass cloth, brushes, ordinal and Other Cleaning items. House keeping services can be rendered as one time cleaning, monthly cleaning or Daily cleaning on annual contract.

Professional Cleaning services and related maintenance services by latest methods in the premises include management of housekeeping staff, cleanliness scheduling, inspection, evaluation and reporting.


We have the capability to deploy fully-trained security personnel on-site, across India. It is our constant endeavour to deliver the highest quality of products and highest level of service to our prestigious clientele some of the best companies and technological giants. With over 10+ Years of industry experience, you can trust us to deliver the right solution for your specific needs.

We insist on Security, honesty, Integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and relationship with the customers, employees and society.

We continuously focuses its efforts to better understand and anticipate customer needs in order to provide complete satisfaction to our clients by providing enhanced security to their property and lives.

Our security services will ensure your safety and well-being. If you own a business, we will ensure the protection of your office building. If you own or manage a gated community, our security guards will provide peace of mind for your residents. Our Security Guards & Security officers are trained to provide the services and protection you need from a professional security company.